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Canvas Cab for ACE

The Canvas Cab for the Polaris ACE (part number 2880646) includes a canvas roof and rear panel as well as canvas doors. The doors and rear panels feature a full aluminum frame and clear plastic windows. All install using the included mounting hardware and provide additional comfort for riders and protection from the elements.

Canvas cab

The windows on the front and rear doors of the cab can be unzipped, rolled down and secured with the webbing straps and snaps. Remove the cab from your ACE before towing the vehicle on a trailer.

For more information, view the installation instructions.

Replacement parts can be found in the Service Hardware Kit (part number 2205771), Latch/Striker Kit (part number 2205772), Left-Hand Door Skin Kit (part number 2205773), Right-Hand Door Skin Kit (part number 2205774) and Roof Service Hardware Kit (part number 2205775). To see which parts can be found in which kits, see the below table. The door skin kits are the canvas material for the doors. To order a part or kit, see your Polaris Dealer.

Description Quantity Included in Cab Kit Service Hardware Kit (2205771) Latch/Striker Kit (2205772) LH Door Skin Kit (2205773) RH Door Skin Kit (2205774) Roof Service Hardware Kit (2205775)
Left Hand Side Door Skin 1x 1x
Right Hand Side Door Skin 1x 1x
Soft Top 1x
Adhesive Backed Loop Fastener 2x 2x
Alcohol Wipes 2x 2x
Loctite 1x 1x
Large Hose Clamp 4x 4x
ROPS Attachment Bracket 4x 4x
Latch Plate 2x 2x
Latch Left 1x 1x
Latch Right 1x 1x
Striker Bracket 2x 2x
P-Channel 1x 1x
1/4-20 x 3/4 Bolts 7x 4x 3x
1/4-20 Nuts 7x 4x 3x
1/4 Washers 7x 4x 3x
M8 x 1.25 Bolt 2x 2x
Latch Knobs 2x 2x
Screws 2x 2x
Webbing Pulls 2x 2x
LH Door Frame 1x
RH Door Frame 1x

The Canvas Cab kit does not include a windshield. The cab works with the Lock & Ride Full Poly Windshield (part number 2879693), which must be purchased and installed separately.

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