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Will Aftermarket Components Void My Warranty?

Polaris spends extensive time and resources to ensure that all components, accessories, calibrations and lubricants are tested and validated to provide optimum performance and durability over a wide range of operating conditions.

Aftermarket modifications or the use of aftermarket parts, accessories or lubricants are often done in an effort to increase performance or personalize a vehicle. These modifications may or may not improve performance, but they can lead to trouble codes, drivability problems and component failures. Aftermarket modifications also can make the vehicle unsafe.

The Polaris Limited Warranty excludes damages or failures resulting from modified components, the use of aftermarket or unapproved components, or the use of aftermarket or unapproved accessories or lubricants. Aftermarket modifications to your vehicle can cause poor performance, durability and drivability. Mixing oil brands or using non-recommended oil may cause engine damage. We recommend the use of Polaris engine oil and lubricants.

While it is a customer's decision to use the aftermarket parts, accessories or lubricants, if a modification or the use of aftermarket or unapproved parts, accessories or lubricants can be associated with the need for service or repair, that service or repair may not be covered under warranty.

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