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Polaris App Overview

The Polaris App powered by RIDE COMMAND allows off-road vehicle and snowmobile riders to enhance their year-round riding experience. It includes more than one million miles of trails and Group Ride capability.

Group Ride

  • Invite your friends to a group to see their live location on the map of your smartphone, tablet or in-vehicle display powered by RIDE COMMAND.
  • Set a member in your group as your leader to follow their trail through any twists and turns.
  • Contact members of your group by simply using the Call and Message options from their rider profile.
  • Invite friends to ride with you via social media, text or email.
  • Group Ride is also available on the web. Watch your group's progress from a computer to make sure that everyone is riding safely. 

 Group Ride

Read more about Group Ride in Using Group Ride on RIDE COMMAND

Explore and Discover

  • Select Off-Road or Snow to tailor the map to your sport.
  • Record rides and place waypoints to save all of your favorite ride locations. For more information, read Waypoints on the Polaris App.
  • Explore the map and search for ride areas to find the perfect location for your next ride.
  • View points of interest to find the best stops near your ride.
  • Save regional maps for offline and low connectivity use.

Explore and Discover

Weather, Satellite and Trail Conditions

  • Prepare for your ride by checking weather radar so you know what to expect before heading out on the trails. 
  • View snow depth to see what areas will provide you with the best conditions for your vehicle. 
  • View the terrain, trees and possible obstructions in Satellite mode.
  • View up-to-date snow trail conditions reported by other riders and add your own reports. 

Weather Map

More information can be found in the RIDE COMMAND FAQ

Vehicle Garage

  • Register your vehicles to maintain and manage your fleet, all under one app. Add your vehicle by Bluetooth® or by VIN and customize the name of your vehicle. 
  • Save vehicle maintenance records to keep track of previous service.
  • Find nearby dealers that can perform service and maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Review warranty information on your vehicles. 
  • Add youth vehicles and control safety settings by setting speed limits and geofences

App Maintenance


  • Post public or private content such as events, rides, places, collections and areas from your RIDE COMMAND account. Public content will be shared with other users in the RIDE COMMAND community. 
  • View content posted by other users, including events, rides and waypoints. 
  • Search posts and filter content by location, ride length, dates and rating. 
  • Like and save other users' shared events, rides and waypoints. 
  • Report inappropriate or offensive public posts. 

Community homepage


  • RIDE COMMAND+ delivers all the great features of RIDE COMMAND with a whole new level of connectivity. 
  • RIDE COMMAND+ is a subscription-based service with a Plug-In.
  • Some features: Remote Health & Issue Diagnosis, Remote Vehicle Locator, Ride Tracking+, Group Ride+ and more.
  • For more information, read RIDE COMMAND+ for Off-Road Vehicles.

More information can be found in the RIDE COMMAND FAQ
The Polaris App is available on the App Store® for iPhone® and iPad®, as well as on Google Play®.
For additional information on the app, displays and software updates, visit the RIDE COMMAND website.
To browse all RIDE COMMAND articles, read Guide to RIDE COMMAND for Off-Road Vehicles.

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