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Transporting Your ACE

Towing a Polaris ACE behind another vehicle is not recommended. Always transport the vehicle on a trailer or flatbed.

If towing a disabled vehicle is unavoidable, place the disabled vehicle's transmission in neutral. Tow the shortest distance possible. Do not operate faster than 10 miles per hour (16 kilometers per hour).

Transporting the Vehicle:

1. Place the transmission in PARK

2. Stop the engine. Turn the key back on to the accessory or ON position without starting the engine. Make sure the transmission is in PARK before exiting the vehicle, verifying that the PARK position is shown on the display and return the key to the OFF position.

3. Lock the parking brake (if equipped).

4. Remove the key to prevent loss during transporting. Secure the fuel cap, oil cap, and seat or seats. Ensure seats are attached correctly and not loose. Warning: Cargo and other loose vehicle parts may fly off while transporting your ACE. Secure or remove all cargo. Inspect the unit for loose parts prior to transport. 

5. Always tie the frame of the vehicle to the transporting unit securely with suitable straps or rope. Do not attach tie straps to the A-arm bolt pockets, racks, handlebars or bumpers.

Make sure you know the weight of your cargo and the safe working load limit (WLL) of your straps. The WLL is a measure of the maximum weight the strap can safely handle. The combined WLL of your straps must be greater than the weight of your cargo. If the vehicle weighs 1,000 pounds and you are using four straps, each strap must have a WLL of at least 250 pounds.

Consult your Owner's Manual for specifics as well as transportation guidelines.
Read Choosing the Right Trailer for more information.
To learn more about choosing a trailer and proper trailering techniques, listen to the Happy Trailering to You and Your ORV episode of the Polaris Podcast.

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